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1. Dual-color emissive upconversion nanocapsules for differential cancer bioimaging In vivo, ACS NANO, 10~0, 1512~1521 권오석 송현석 Conde 김형일 Artzi 김재홍 (2016)
2. Enzyme-coupled nanoplasmonic biosensing of cancer markers in human serum, BIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS, 81~0, 324~333 조나래 이기중 신용범 (2016)
3. Simple, rapid detection of influenza A (H1N1) viruses using a highly sensitive peptide-based molecular beacon, CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, 52~1, 175~178 임은경 국경혜 김혜란 정봉현 정주연 (2016)
4. A leucine zipper pair-based lipid vesicle for image-guided therapy in breast cancer, CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, 52~13, 2687~2690 임은경 배판기 김해란 정주연 (2016)
5. New soluble polyamides and polyimides containing polar functional groups: pendent pyrazole rings with amino and cyano groups, DESIGNED MONOMERS AND POLYMERS, 19~3, 227~235 김선달 이상화 이희승 김상율 정임식 (2016)
6. Polo kinase phosphorylates miro to control ER-mitochondria contact sites and mitochondrial Ca2+ homeostasis in neural stem cell development, DEVELOPMENTAL CELL, 37~2, 174~189 이성수 이규선 허성운 Liu 이도연 홍승현 유권 Lu (2016)
7. Harnessing low energy photons (635 nm) for the production of H2O2 using upconversion nanohybrid photocatalysts, ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE, 9~3, 1063~1073 김형일 권오석 김수정 최원용 김재홍 (2016)
8. STEP signaling pathway mediates psychomotor stimulation and morphine withdrawal symptoms, but not for reward, analgesia and tolerance, EXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE, 48~0, e212~e212 김윤정 강영 박혜연 이재란 유대열 Murata Gondo 황정환 김용훈 이철호 이명철 한평림 정봉현 이현준 김경심 (2016)
9. Metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET)-based direct monitoring of p53 in spiked serum, JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL AND ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY, 37~0, 95~100 오윤광 Dung 이영희 이창수 김문일 (2016)
10. Graphene-based nanoelectronic biosensors, JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL AND ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY, 38~0, 13~22 박철순 윤현석 권오석 (2016)
11. Fabrication of photo-crosslinkable polymer/silica sol-gel hybrid thin films as versatile barrier films, JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL AND ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY, 38~0 61~66 배준원 이지연 박철순 권오석 이창수 (2016)
12. Nanoembossed gold nanoshell with a fluorescence-like strong SERS signal, NANOTECHNOLOGY, 27~17, 175704~175704 김 Pompa 백 정봉현 (2016)
13. Preparation of pyrenyl-based multifunctional nanocomposites for biomedical applications, NATURE PROTOCOLS, 11~2, 236~251 임은경 정봉현 (2016)
14. Cytochrome c assembly on fullerene nanohybrid metal oxide ultrathin films, RSC ADVANCES, 6~23, 19173~19181 양도현 신민재 최성묵 이창수 신재섭 (2016)
15. Colorimetric detection of influenza A (H1N1) virus by a peptide-functionalized polydiacetylene (PEP-PDA) nanosensor, RSC ADVANCES, 6~54, 48566~48570 송시내 하갑 국경혜 황슬기 최종민 강태준 배판기 정주연 임은경 (2016)
16. Precisely determining ultralow level UO2(2+) in natural water with plasmonic nanowire interstice sensor, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 6~0, 19646~19646 곽래근 김홍기 유승민 이상엽 이경자 이민구 이창규 강태준 김봉수 (2016)
17. Nanoparticle-mediated physical exfoliation of aqueous-phase graphene for fabrication of three-dimensionally structured hybrid electrodes, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 6~0, 19761~19761 이영희 최호진 김민식 노선명 안기진 임경운 권오석 윤현석 (2016)
18. Structural effects of naphthalimide-based fluorescent sensor for hydrogen sulfide and imaging in live zebrafish, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 6~0, 26203~26203 최선애 박철순 권오석 Giong 이정수 하태환 이창수 (2016)
19. Highly sensitive and selective acetone sensing performance of WO3 nanofibers functionalized by Rh2O3 nanoparticles, SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL, 224~0, 185~192 김남훈 최선진 김상준 조희진 장지수 구원태 김문일 김일두 (2016)